I used to think lifting all day was the only way to get strong - but I’ve come to realize there is much more to dynamic/practical strength than just curling a dumbbell. Shout out to @voodoocrossfit for changing my opinion on what “fitness” really is and helping me add gymnastic strength to my overall routine. I usually don’t post stuff like this, but these guys have made a huge impact on my life and overall health in just 3 months - and I’m proud to be apart of their family.
— Zachary Perl
Owed to Voodoo CrossFit 512... you have forever shown me that anything is possible, with self belief and surrounding yourself with like minded people to accompish life long health/fitness goals. I have you as a forever reminder when things get tough, to look down and remember that anything is possible. I can never repay you.
— Travis Allen, about his Voodoo tattoo
In the short time I’ve been at Voodoo (9months), I have increased my ability to do pull ups from “a just barely kip” to dead hangs and a strong, more gymnastic oriented kip or butterfly and I am going hard for my Muscle Up! STRICT!!!!!” My Fran time went scaled with bands and 65# at over 15 min to Fran at prescribed weight at 6:52!! My Clean and Jerk has gone from 95-135#, my 10K dropped 15 minutes with no running focused training. Just the WODs. Ring Dips used to be out of the question, and now I do them daily. I have packed on muscle and the scale shows a loss of 40 pounds since I have been here. Everything gymnastic has gotten easier and easier!!!! HANDSTAND WALKS HERE I COME!!
— April Covington
There is no other way to describe Voodoo Crossfit besides life changing. I have been at this box for a little over a year and a half and could never imagine leaving.

I have always considered myself strong for a woman, but I never knew what my body was capable of until now. I am able to do strict pull-ups, ring dips and handstand pushups. I am able to put 130# above my head and get 200# plus off the ground. My mile time has gone from 14 minutes to a little over 8. I have lost over 15” and 25# - eating healthy and drinking more water than I have in my entire life. I’m closing in on 30 and am easily in the best shape of my life.
— Becca Schad
April of 2012 I was an obese lethargic man in his late 30’s. I had let decades of laziness, life and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games run my life into something like a kettlebell made of flesh. I was a hell of raid leader but couldn’t run 40 yards without oxygen. Once upon a time, I was full of potential in high school. I was lifting weight that older classmates twice my size claimed as epic. At one point, my high school football coach asked if I was ‘roids, I had no idea what he was talking about. Flash forward, I had never developed that potential. I decided to wash my car one day and low and behold there was this amazing array of spandex and skin that was running down a lowly Texas road. I had spent a couple of years on the Atkins, V-diet and any other diet working out at Bally’s and reading T-nation way into the wee hours to know that this was a Crossfit Crew. I decided I must have this. I begged my spouse to make this my b-day present. I even had to go out and buy workout clothes hoping this spandex-cult would somehow accept me. I made that weird phone call saying that I would like to try it out. I came in on a Friday, and gave it my all, all five minutes of it. I went through a class called elements. Showing off what I though was some kind of functional fitness. When I was done, I realized that was just the intro. A dude named Scott then decided I needed to do something called a benchmark workout. I don’t even remember what that was but I would absolutely laugh at it now. I completed it and tried not to puke in the very deep gravel parking lot. The Voodoo crew then asked me to stay and do the ‘warmup’. I pretty much did puke at that point; may have actually needed medical assistance. As I walked away, the ‘Box’ owners debated as to if I would I would ever come back. They didn’t know me, but I was the extreme end of old and out of shape. One said I would, the other said no fucking way. To this day, if you ask them, they both to this day will argue who said what. Fast forward, it has been two and some years. I spent a year and half or so at Voodoo Crossfit and the rest at another box after I moved. We are all a Crossfit community. I still everyday connect with my Voodoos. I worked through so much pain and gain. I shortly after starting had to have receive knee surgery and wodded from a box for a while. For awhile, all the coaches had to do was point at that the guy on crutches and say what’s his excuse? I had had shoulder surgery a couple of years earlier and pretty much erased it doing Olympic lifting with Ursula Garza Papendrea’s Oly classes. I met amazing people like Scott, Kaleb, Manny, Al, Erin, Dustin, Sara and my Katie Pie. I work every day to get better than I was yesterday. I can never be perfect and work every day on form technique and execution. I am now the guy that can walk into almost every box and bring an intensity that is not human. I don’t look fucking sexy naked or any of that bullshit. I scream growl and grunt and when I pick stuff up. I infect other peeps with this intensity and I hope they take it and pass it along. Crossfit, more specifically Voodoo Crossfit, changed my life. I am stronger, more flexible and functional than I have ever been in my life. I challenge anyone to put the time in for 90 days and not have your life changed. What the fuck is a Turkish Get-up (I think it’s like a drunk two-step)? A cluster? That shits torture. It’s all good, there are girls in booty shorts and sports bras.
— Bill Cyree
I walked into Voodoo with a pre-existing shoulder injury to now 8 months later, getting kipping pull-ups and on the edge of getting STRICT pull-ups! I couldn’t do a normal push up to save my live. Now I can bust them out! My clean went from 95# to 125#. I have participated in 3 competitions, each one learning and getting better! From the Fran Challenge, my Fran time went down from 10:17 to 7:40!! My backsquat went from 145# to 170#!! The scale has moved down maybe 5 pounds, but I have lost inches on my waist, thighs, and gained inches of muscle on my arms! I have accomplished so much that my goals and weights keep growing and that’s a great feeling!
— Jenny Karish
One year ago I couldn’t imagine calling myself an athlete. When I started at Voodoo, I could barely run 200m , now I can run a mile without stopping. I can clean 105#, get an 80# thruster, deadlifting 90# to 170#. I can do one pull-up which was the ultimate struggle when I started getting into shape. And it still is. I dropped from a size 8-10 to a 4 in about 6 months. My goal now is to get pull-ups continuously and do the WOD’s with minimal rest time. Not only has my strength and endurance improved but Voodoo has completely changed my outlook on healthy eating and nutrition. I participated in a Paleo challenge (5 days strcit paleo with 2 cheat days for 6 weeks) after 4 months of joining and it was then that I really started to see results. My clothes starting to fit bigger and I just felt an overall change in my body. From then, I learned what to eat, what not to eat and more importantly WHY. I didn’t know a thing about the direct correlation it has on your strength, endurance and even my mind/mood. Since joining, I have improved my overall health and have learned the importance of fueling your body correctly and the lasting affects it has my body. Voodoo has literally saved my life.
— Toni Marie Gonzales
I can remember it like it was yesterday. I walked into a grungy old warehouse on a Saturday afternoon and came across a guy in a bandana. I was terrified; I had never held a barbell in my life, much less did any type of gymnastics movements, and I was slightly overweight. The guy in the bandana introduced himself to me as Scott Grayson. I nervously voiced my interest in CrossFit, but knew nothing about it. He instantly got giddy and started explaining everything to me. I immediately became comfortable with the idea of the sport and even though the box was closed for the day, he offered to run me through an elements class. He was clearly more excited about this than I was. Once the class was over, I was out of breath and felt like I had been hit by a bus, but he was positive and kept me moving the whole time. The drive home felt invigorating, I felt amazing, my body felt strong and I was ready for more so the following Monday I signed up. Two and a half years later I can honestly say that Scott is one of the greatest coaches I have ever had and the people at the box make the workouts better than I could have ever imagined. The energy from everyone on a daily basis is so positive. When clock starts running everyone is focused, the sweat, the grunting, and the cheering for the person next to you even though you are out of breath yourself, is all so surreal. When the workout is done and you collapse to the floor, drenched in sweat, the person next to you rolls over, gives you a sweaty high five, and tells you how awesome you just did. The last person in the workout gets the upmost attention and support from the entire box. The person you met 3 months ago who just started CrossFit is now 15 pounds lighter and is PRing on everything and the excitement is through the roof, and not from the athlete who just PRrd, but from their fellow athletes and their coach. Everyone here is family, if you miss a day, we all notice, and you will be getting a text or a post on your Facebook page with a “We missed you today! Where are you at?” I have been to other CrossFit boxes and none of them compare to this one. I will never have a coach who is dedicated to my success as an athlete the way Scott is and the athletes here are some of the most supportive people I know. We are all crazy, we are all fun, we dance, we sing, we cheer, we lift, we sweat, we struggle, and we scream together. This is my home, this is my box, and this is Voodoo CrossFit 512.
— Lacey Weaver
If you are looking for a place to start or continue your CrossFit journey, Voodoo Crossfit 512 is the perfect place. I’ve been doing CrossFit on my own for a bit without any professional coaching for about a year now, but I started at Voodoo almost a month ago and I can already tell a huge difference in my workouts. All of the coaches there are extremely helpful and will help you meet your goals without making you feel judged or any kind of negative pressure. The environment is so positive and the people that workout there are also just as great. Everyone is very friendly and will motivate you to push yourself so we can all be successful together. Since being there, I’ve already hit over 2 personal records for my lifting, learned how to do handstand push-ups, and improved my pull-ups drastically. All things I never would have been able to do on my own in such a short amount of time. This is just in about 3 short weeks. People think CrossFit is expensive, but it really isn’t if you consider the coaching you are getting. It’s like having a personal trainer for every single workout you do. I cannot say enough good things about Voodoo and I would say to definitely come check out this place if you are interested in doing CrossFit. You will not be disappointed.
— Kim Novak
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