Voodoo Programming

Voodoo is proud to run programming like the very best programming that can possibly be found, that being CrossFit.com. No other CrossFit format has accumulated as many data points, professional critique, or as much peer review. Through 5 years of coaching, we have found that the quality of any program lies in the ability of the coaching staff to get you better than you were before you entered the box every day, and the staff has accumulated the education to make sure that your workout is safe, efficient, and effective (Our job is to make you the best athlete you could be, the quickest way we can make that happen, while doing it safely). 
Many people make CrossFit a part of their life, and our coaches do not take that lightly. We take pride in knowing that we really get to know our members strengths and weaknesses. We learn what you shy away from and what motivates you. Our coaches are coaches. Not cheerleaders. Our workouts are constantly varied, but not random. Our coaches value the art of programming. We understand that intensity is what brings the results.

 We train here. We compete at competitions or on benchmarks. Our programming has been refined over the years, and has culminated to a design that strives to hit certain parameters for each workout that we then apply to the individual. Consider it as an effort to personalize your training day to ensure your best result when you leave our door.

3 Rounds For Time
21 Back Squats (185/130)
15 Bench Press (155/110)
200m run

Instead we individualize:
WOD target time: 10-15 minutes
WOD weight:
(Light- greater than 30 reps)                     
(Medium- 15-30 reps)
(Heavy- 8-15 Reps)
(Very Heavy- less than 8 reps)

3rds For Time to be completed in no greater than 15 minutes,
21 Back Squats (Med)
15 Bench Press (Heavy)
200m run

Our weekly programming is shared with our members through a private group on Facebook.