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What is CrossFit?

You want to take part in the Voodoo magic in North Austin? Come party with us! Let's get going. 3,2,1...


Remember, this is a facility that caters to all fitness levels and all ages. 90% of people come here to get in shape, not because they are in shape.

Our coaches will take the time to get to know you on a very personal level. They will identify and work with limitations and help you reach whatever personal goals you wish to set. Still a little timid about coming in?

Here, we will roll out the red carpet. Come tour our gym and take a peek at our facility. Come speak to the members in class. They will not only inspire you,  but let you know that they will be right beside you on your journey to a better you.

What We Offer


Offered Monday- Thurs at 7:00 pm, or by appointment. This course introduces the basic movements used in CrossFit. Following this class, you will do a workout to be used as your intitial assessment. To schedule the ELEMENTS CLASS, call Voodoo CrossFit 512 at 512.501.9084, or email us at Scott@VoodooCrossFit512.com.


No contracts

We know you will love it. We don't need a crazy commitment from you. Our staff will stay on point ensuring that your time at Voodoo will be top notch. If you love us, you'll stay.

Unlimited Membership

First month at Voodoo for new members is $150. This price allows the member to come "unlimited". New members are encouraged to come as much as possible to familiarize themselves with movements and coaching cues.

From there $175 for unlimited (except specialty classes)


$135 for twice a week plus open gym

Personal Training

Personal Training: $65 per session for individualized one on one


If you are prior military or a first responder, you'll get a 15% discount


Please be very upfront on your prior knowledge of CrossFit so we can ensure your safety! $20. If you are in Austin for a bit and want to talk about hitting us up for a couple of weeks, we will definiteley work with you on price



Call (512) 501-9084 or Contact Us


Voodoo CrossFit and Sport Training in North Austin. 

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I used to think lifting all day was the only way to get strong - but I’ve come to realize there is much more to dynamic/practical strength than just curling a dumbbell. Shout out to @voodoocrossfit for changing my opinion on what “fitness” really is and helping me add gymnastic strength to my overall routine.

I usually don’t post stuff like this, but these guys have made a huge impact on my life and overall health in just 3 months - and I’m proud to be a part of their family.”

— Zachary Perl


“There is no other way to describe Voodoo Crossfit besides life changing. I have been at this box for a little over a year and a half and could never imagine leaving.

I have always considered myself strong for a woman, but I never knew what my body was capable of until now. I am able to do strict pull-ups, ring dips and handstand pushups. I am able to put 130# above my head and get 200# plus off the ground.

My mile time has gone from 14 minutes to a little over 8. I have lost over 15” and 25# - eating healthy and drinking more water than I have in my entire life. I’m closing in on 30 and am easily in the best shape of my life.”

— Becca Schad


“One year ago I couldn’t imagine calling myself an athlete. When I started at Voodoo, I could barely run 200m , now I can run a mile without stopping. I can clean 105#, get an 80# thruster, deadlifting 90# to 170#. I can do one pull-up which was the ultimate struggle when I started getting into shape. And it still is. I dropped from a size 8-10 to a 4 in about 6 months.

My goal now is to get pull-ups continuously and do the WOD’s with minimal rest time. Not only has my strength and endurance improved but Voodoo has completely changed my outlook on healthy eating and nutrition. I participated in a Paleo challenge (5 days strcit paleo with 2 cheat days for 6 weeks) after 4 months of joining and it was then that I really started to see results.

My clothes starting to fit bigger and I just felt an overall change in my body. From then, I learned what to eat, what not to eat and more importantly WHY. I didn’t know a thing about the direct correlation it has on your strength, endurance and even my mind/mood.

Since joining, I have improved my overall health and have learned the importance of fueling your body correctly and the lasting affects it has my body. Voodoo has literally saved my life.”

— Toni Gonzalez

Battle of the Bell Competition at Voodoo.