*Bench @ 80% 1RM 5x3      

*Close Grip Bench AHAP 5x5

-at least one thumb width narrower than your regular grip.        

Wide Grip Incline Bench AHAP 5x5

-at least one thumb width wider than your regular grip. keep back completely flat against bench (no arching).

*Dynamic Pushups 4x8

-one rep is a full cycle from floor to elevated position. use weights, tires, etc. as necessary for elevated position. If you can’t do them from your toes go to knees or do normal pushups.


Pullups (3 sec up/down) 4x8  

Ring Dips 3x12          

*K2E 4xmax   

*=abbreviated workout

AHAP = as heavy as possible keeping form perfect

do exercises from top to bottom

-Coach Casey