*Clean @ 90% 1RM 7x2       

*3 Pos Clean AHAP 5x2    

- watch the first three movements done in the video. full clean, then hang clean (knee), then hang clean (thigh) all without putting the bar down.   

Speed Shrugs into Power Hang Clean (knee) AHAP 5x3  

- perform 2 speed shrugs (top of knee through full hip extension/shrug) followed by a power hang clean from the top of the knee. this is one set.

Front Squat AHAP 5x3         

*Deadlift AHAP (no touch and go) 5x3  

- reset after every rep. no more than 2 sec rest between reps. only enough time to reset.     

 *Good Mornings 4x8  

*=abbreviated workout

AHAP = as heavy as possible keeping form perfect

do exercises from top to bottom

-Coach Casey