*Clean @ 80% 1RM 5x3      

*Back Squat @ 60% 1RM (hold 5 sec) 5x5 

*Power Hang Clean (hip) AHAP 5x5

- perform a deadlift for each power hang clean, making sure to stop at the hip/jumping position. remember, no bent elbows at the hip/jumping position!           

Deadlift (chains) @ 80% 5x5

- 80% value does not include chain weight

Lunges (stepping) AHAP 5x10

- stepping lunges mean bring your feet together after every rep. each step counts as a rep. knee should kiss ground

Supermans 5x15

* = abbreviated workout

AHAP = as heavy as possible WITH PERFECT FORM

perform exercises from top to bottom

- Coach Casey