1.17.13 "Bait & Switch" swiped from CrossFit Crusade

Welcome to the box, Peter!!!!!


Bench AHAP EMOM - 3,3,2,2,1

Pullups - 3x8

Ring Pushups - 3x8

AHAP = as heavy as possible keeping form perfect; when in doubt start low and work up in weight

-Coach Casey


If at any time the muscle up fails, resort to a 3:1 ratio on Ring Dips. Clean should be at about 70% 1RM

1 Muscle up

6 Power Cleans

2 Muscle ups

5 Power cleans

3 Muscle ups

4 Power Cleans

4 Muscle ups

3 Power Cleans

5 Muscle ups

2 Power Cleans

6 Muscle ups

1 Power Clean

7 Muscle ups

-the doll