1.8.12 "The Go Signal"


Bench AHAP EMOM - 3,3,2,2,1

DB/KB One Handed OH Lunge - 4x8 alternate hands each set

Wide Grip Bench AHAP - 5x3

Supermans - 3x8

AHAP = as heavy as possible keeping form perfect; when in doubt start low and work up in weight

-Coach Casey


3 min max clean and press (75/55)

3 min max back squats (75/55)

2 min max clean and press 

2 min max back squats

1 min max clean and press

1 min max back squat 

Every rep= 1 point, then

rest 3 minutes, 

3 Min to establish max effort unbroken Lateral Burpees. 5 sec. rest constitutes "broken" each Burpee= 2 points, then TOTAL ALL

-the doll