2.5.13 "Jake & Mea"


Back Squat - 1 Rep Max!

If there's time left, do sets of 3 at 70% of your heaviest squat. 

-Coach Casey


So we know that some of the Voodoos have a passion for KB's. Scott sat in on a set with Jake on Sunday, and it was brutal. Be prepared to have a new respect for the kettlebell.

KB Set with 2 Bells. 
alternate with partner
min1: kb clean partner A while B rests
min 2: kb clean partner B while A rests
Min3&4, both member jumprope singles
Min 5: kb clean and Jerk Partner A
Min 6 : kb clean and jerk Partner B
Min 7-8 jump rope singles
Min 9: kb c&J Partner A
min 10: kb c& J Partner B
Min 11-12 jump rope singles
Min 13: kb front rack static hold partner A
Min 14: kb front rack Static hold partner b
min 15- 16 both do jump rope singles
min 17- kb waiter hold partner A
min 18- kb waiter hold partner B

-the doll