3.4.13 Training Camp


3 Position Snatch - 1@50%, 4@65% of your 1 Rep Max Snatch

5 Rope Climbs throughout SWOD

Snatch Push Press - 1sx5r@50%, 4x5@60% of your 1 Rep Max Snatch

If you don't know your 1 Rep Max, the load should not be super heavy. The weight should be moderately heavy, but still able to keep form perfect.

-Coach Casey

 Casey and Scott were a part of the Outlaw Training Camp in Dallas this weekend, and it was dope. What did we learn?? Gymnasts are the most untouchable bad asses on the planet. What else did we learn? Strong lifts articulate lung capacity. Get strong.

Here was the 2nd WOD from day 1 of the camp:

Partner WOD 3 rds for time:

15 CnJ (185/130) or 90% of cnj to scale

30 Partner Burpees

400m run

Cannot start the next round of CnJ until both partners are in from the run.

-the doll