3.5.13 "Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind"


Hang Clean (knee) - 1x5@55%, 4x5@65%

10 Tire Flips throughout SWOD

Front Squats - 1x5@60%, 3x5@70%

sets x reps

If you don't know your 1 Rep Max, the load should not be super heavy. The weight should be moderately heavy, but still able to keep form perfect.

-Coach Casey


Score is either a DNF or Finish upon completing the goals. IF finished, the amount of seconds from each round's completion is added together for score.

From Start- 4:00 min: 150 DU

From 4:00- 8:00: 70 Heavy KB Swings... Bell must be Game's standard in overhead position

From 8:00- 12:00: 600m Run with medball and dumbell in opposite hands (med 8/6) (db 30/20)

From 12:00- 16:00: 150 DU

-the doll