3.8.13 "Deadeye"


Split Jerk - 1x5@55%, 4x5@65%

Muscle Ups or Muscle Up Progressions - 4x8

Push Press - 1x5@45%, 4x5@55% of 1RM Split Jerk

sets x reps

If you don't know your 1 Rep Max, the load should not be super heavy. The weight should be moderately heavy, but still able to keep form perfect.

-Coach Casey

Our competitors kicked ass last night!!!! Got more on the way tonight. Also, Ursula's new class time happens this evening.


In 20 min, complete:

400m run rest 1:1,

THEN on last run in, IMMEDIATELY into:


Wall Walks

Db Snatch using only your dumb hand. As Heavy as possible. 

-the doll