4.23.13 Variation of the 2012 Games Front Squat/Team Triplet WOD


Hang Clean (knee) - 1x8@40%, 2x8@50%

Good Mornings - 4x8

Back Squats - 1x8@55%, 2x8@65%

sets x reps

If you don't know your 1 Rep Max, the load should not be super heavy. The weight should be moderately heavy, but still able to keep form perfect. The last few reps of the heavier sets of 8 should be difficult, but not to failure.

-Coach Casey

Partner WOD stations:

A) 4 min to establish a 2 rep max front squat. Team is responsible for loading weight... keep total.

1 min rest

B) 4 min to get max burpees... Other member(s) must have bar in the OH for burpees to count (135/95)

1 min rest

C) 4 min for max reps of 1 arm dumbell hang snatch while partner holds dip support position

To see the epicness.... watch this video. Today's WOD is a variation of the vid. 




-the doll