5.21.13- "Team Boston Crab & Camel Clutch"


Bench - 1x5@60%, 1x4@70%, 2x3@80%

Supermans - 4x8

Weighted Pushups - 4x8 (only for those who can do 8 strict pushups. have a superfriend load up a (or multiple) plate(s) on your back and steady it/them while you pushup)

sets x reps

If you don't know your 1 Rep Max, use trial and error. The first set is always a warmup set. The second is preparing your body to go heavy. Sets 3/4 should be hard to get the final rep. If you can complete sets 3/4 easily add weight.

-Coach Casey

WOD: 2 person partner wod


15 Clean & jerk (175/115)

50 slams, slams only count if the other partner is holding the above weight in the front rack position

400 meter run

-the doll