7.1.13 Throwback 1: "Best in Show"


Back Squat (hold 3 sec at bottom) - 4x5@75% of your 1RM back squat

-weight should be heavy, but attainable for all 4 sets. if your butt and shoulders don't rise at the same time you aren't driving your knees out enough!

Clean Pull - 4x3@90% of your 1RM clean

-weight should be heavy, but attainable for all 4 sets. if you're well versed in the movement feel free to increase weight as long as the bar speed doesn't slow down! remember, explode at top of knee through the shrug.

5 Rope Climbs

sets x reps

-Coach Casey 

The WODs all week will be throwbacks to some our favorite WODS. This one is a bad ass partner WOD that we programmed right after the 2011 regionals.

This example is based off of a 2 person team. A 3 person team will be modified if an odd number of Voodoos are on the floor. 

Before entering station 1 both team members must complete 20 front squats (135/95). Person A must complete FS before person B starts. 

Station 1: 

Team penalty: Chin over bar hold or modify with ring row hold, 

Team goal: Wall balls x 80

Station 2: 

Team Penalty: deadlift hold (225/155)

Team Goal: 150 DU

Station 3

Team Penalty: OHS hold (45/35)

Team Goal: Burpee box jumps x 50

-the doll