7.12.13 "Let's Ride"


Front Squat (hold 3 sec) - 4x5@75% of your 1RM

Clean Pull - 4x3@90% of your 1RM clean

SDHP - 4x8

sets x reps

-Coach Casey


4 Rds

Kb walking lunge in Front rack x 75 ft

25 ft HS Walk

(If you can't do a Handstand Walk, 50 ft cartwheels, If you cant do this, 1:30 of waiter's hold 95/65.... THEN PRACTICE HANDSTANDS IN YOUR BEDROOM, AT WORK, IN YOUR CAR, AT THE STORE, AT A BAR, etc...... Unless you are Jase, then stop doing them at all of the previously named locations)

-the doll