1.27.14 "Going Mainsite"


Krewe Flyer Mardi Gras poster.png

Jerks (hold 3 sec in split) - 5x3@75% of your 1RM jerk

Press - 4x5@50% of your 1RM jerk

MU/MU Progression- 3x8

-Coach Casey

Here's a take on the mainsite WOD from over the weekend. A couple things to remember this week: The Tshirt preorders are happening on Feb.1, so if you haven't gotten in on this, get on it. The Open Registration... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!! Everyone is invited to this thing! Lastly and most importantly, The Krewe of Elite Craziness!!!! There will be a sign up at the box, and we need everyone involved!! Its going to be a blast!!!


In front of a clock set for 15 minutes:
1 minute of Squats
2 minutes of Double-unders
3 minutes of Push-ups (Gamesstyle)
4 minutes of Back extensions (supermans)
5 minutes of Pull-ups

Every rep= 1 point.