10.29.14 "Shedding Skin"

OK, before you look at this and start thinking, I don't wanna runnnnnnnnn.... Realize you probably need it most! 2 things coming up:

THURS NIGHT: NO WODS FROM 5- 7PM!!! Only morn & Noon WODS..... Come to "NIGHT OF 1000 DEADLIFTS at CAJUN PIZZA!!!! Starts at 7, goes till 11! Come hang with your community of peeps!

SUNDAY NIGHT at 7PM: We roll out the rules and guidelines for "DUDE, WHERE'S MY GUT". Be at the box!!!

Ok, back to business...... I love you all.



Split Jerk



Push Press


15 min AMRAP partner WOD:

100 m sprint

20 box jumps

then alternate...... do at road.