2.4.14 "Team Partner Face Off!"

funny snatch.jpg


Wide Grip Bench - 4x5@75% of your 1RM bench

Push Press - 4x5@60% of your 1RM jerk

Weight Ring Dips (strict) - 3x8

-Coach Casey

WOD: Partner Face Off WOD

10 rds, 5 each team

Farmers carry length and back (HEAVY) 

Dumbell Snatch

The partners are against another team when possible. Partner 1 &2 are a team, 3&4 are a team, however, partner 1 and 3 are paired up, while 2 and 4 are paired up. Partner 1 does the Farmers Carry while Partner 2 Gets AMRAP Snatch. Partner 1's efficiency on the carry will hinder partner 2 for a rep count. When partner 1 gets back from the carry, they switch. Partner 2 and 4 do the same. Partner 1 and 2 combine scores at the end. So does 3 and 4.