3.25.14 "Chelsea" partner


Front Squat - 2x2@85%, 4x1@95% of your 1RM

Clean Pull - 2x2@110%, 4x1@120% of your 1RM clean

Bottom Squat Hold - 3 min cumulative

-Coach Casey

Similar to Cindy, Chelsea is rounds of Cindy for success. Completed rounds are done inside the EMOM. Partner Chelsea: team can work together and at the same time to hit the goal of:

EMOM for 20 min

5 Pull Ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

any unsucccesful rounds= 10 burpees for that team. Teams should be matched for a struggle... beast w scaler.... Scaler cannot scale. Beast helps out w the slack.

-the doll