5.12.14 "Casey's Pick: Clean Test"


Tall Cleans - 1x3@25%, 2x3@35%, 2x3@45% of your 1RM clean

Front Squat (pause 3 sec) - 1x8@55%, 2x8@65% 1RM

TGU - 3x3 each hand

-Coach Casey

This week we will be seeing WODS that are the coach's choice.If you die this week, blame it on those guys and gals!


Clean test:

2 cleans every minute for 5 minutes, you ONLY get 2 attempts

then immediately into a 2 min. AMRAP of cleans. Score is total successful cleans in the whole complex.

Rest 3 min,

3 min AMRAP of Burpees

- Coach Casey