6.18.14 "The Passion of Voodoo"


2 Pos Snatch - 1x1@50%, 2x1@60%, 2x1@70% of your 1RM snatch

-knee then full

Drop Snatch - 1x2@65%, 2x2@75%, 2x2@85% of your 1RM snatch

Supermans - 3x8

-Coach Casey

WOD: Partners can Switch at any time, but the reps only count when the other partner is at the hold. The Cindy's can be broken however, but can only be done 1 round at a time.... Partner A can work to complete the round of Cindy while the other partner is as well. But cannot move on to the next round.

Partner A: Crucifixion hold 
Partner B: 40 Stone to Shoulder

Partner A: Chin Above Bar Hold
Partner B: 100 Hang Cleans (95/65)

Partner A: HS Hold
Partner B: 50 KB Swings

Then 10 rds Cindy

-the doll