Voodoo Cycle


Core Work:


10 Reverse Hypers

Max effort L-sits, scale to max effort ring plank hold


9 min AMRAP:

8 Deadlift (75/55)


4 S2O,

--or, no scale WOD

Must be proficient in KB Snatch and KB CnJ, bells at (35/25's). Score is total reps, no rest at the holds.

1 min CNJ Dual Bells

1 min Rest in Front Rack Dual Bells

1 min CNJ Dual Bells

1 min rest (Put Bells Down)

1 min KB Snatch Left

1 min KB Snatch Right

1 min rest (Put Bell Down)

1 min Cleans Dual Bells

1 min Hold Overhead, Dual (do not put down)

1 min Cleans

2 min max Clean and Jerk

** if you are saying that it is tough to have 2kb's betwixt your legs, remember, It's just different. Suck it up, and see video. The judges are looking for absoluteley no movement in the OH position before awarding the rep, at which time the athlete can reclean.

-the doll