The Goldin Ratio and the Reciprocal

"Ok, now don't judge me, but I had a glass of wine last night to SEE what calories it involved when I put it in that app....." - In a discussion with one of our girls last night.....This already means that this Diet Challenge is a going to be a Success. This is exactly what we want. This challenge is NOT paleo. It is a challenge for YOU to understand and experiment with what goes in your mouth. We consider this as the most educating and simple means of letting YOU understand how your body works and trains with food. Consider us geniuses. It is genius. 

Be a part of the challenge. We want you to look good at the boat party on May 30.

We want you to look good on the BOX PORT ARANSAS TRIP Jun 5,6,7!!!!!!!


3 RM Strict Press. 3RM Deadlift if you missed yesterdays WOD.


For 12 min


Ring Dips

Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

-the doll