Pieces of Diane


Establish a 1 RM Bear Complex


This entire WOD takes 20 min. The pieces of Diane are done within the time slots. If you bust the time cap without finishing, Then you have to hit 6 Bar facing Burpees EMOM until the end, INCLUDING the rest minutes, at which time your time with deads and HSPU are over. We will still scale, but have fun with this and challenge yourself. Scale for HSPU= DB PP.

20 min WOD:

0-4 minutes: must complete: 15-9 of DL/HSPU

4-5: rest

5-8 mins: 21 DL/HSPU

8-10 min REST

10-14 mins 9-9-9

14-16 Rest

16-20 mins 9-9-9

Can you finish?

-the doll