Warm up:
5 min AMRAP w/ empty bar
7 Push Press
Regular Day SWOD:

Build to a 1 RM Hang Clean
Regular Day:
Use 70% of that for No Scale WOD from the hang

No Scale Day
No Scale Qualifier: Can you clean the 35-40% Deadlift weight proficiently?
Bench Press 5/3/1/1/1/20 or 1 rm dead for below if you haven't this week
No Scale WOD:
With 35-40% of the 1 RM Dead,
set clock for 19 min,
at 3,2,1, AMRAP Clean for 15 reps, cut at 5 min. Record time and rest
at 7 min mark, Clean for 12 reps cut at 11 min. record time and rest
at 12 min, Clean for 9 reps cut at 15 min. Record time and rest
at 16 min Clean for 6 reps. Record and rest
at 18 min, clean for 3 reps cut at 19 min
Any busted sets get time unadded. Post total successful reps, weight, AND total time. Lowest time wins.