HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR THE OPEN YET??? Even if you are brand new to Voodoo, you should be doing the Open. 
The CrossFit Open is 5 workouts posted by CrossFit HQ that test your general fitness across different things. There will be one workout a week, done at the Voodoo box, and you will post your score online. That's it. Too easy. Go register. 
Oh yeah! TODAY starts the new schedule at Voodoo. Thanks to our big growth over the last few months, we have some new class times. Check the scheduling page for deets. 
This coming Friday night, we are going roller skating! Don't forget.
Warm up:
Flight Sim
Regular Day:
1- 3 position Clean
8 Strict Pull Ups
800m run
DB Snatch R
DB Snatch L
DB Box Step Up
800m run

No Scale
SWOD: 3 position Clean
1/2 "Angie", followed by 1/2 Angie with a 30 min cap, OR if you really want your Angie time and feel confident about sub 30, go for your full Angie.
Angie is
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 Squats
-  So do 50 of each, then circle back and do again to see how far in 30 min. Reps must be done in order, cannot break up or partition into sets of 5 like a Cindy. While you can do that with Murph, it is against the Angie rules.