What you need to know:
The B.O.B Open people: April 8 at 6:30pm
This is for people that just started even yesterday! Totally for fun and a great time.
You will be doing Fight Gone Bad. This workout has light weight wall balls, sumo deadlift high pull, push press, box jumps and rowing. Fun!

The Battle of the Bell A and B teams!!! April 9 at 830am
This is the Voodoo top 10 guys and 10 girls battling it out with CF Texas and CF City Limits!!
These people will be doing:
Row 3,000 meters
300 double-unders
Run 3 miles
KB Clean and Jerk 5 min max 35/26(A team- Double Cycle) (B Team- Single cycle)B

Overhead Squat/burpee team combo

M/F relay, running only 2 peeps at a time until whole team cycles:
Farmer's carry through the rocks at 100m
50 GHD
21 HPC (A-95/65 B-75/55)
Stone to table
Wall Ball to partner over rig
Sprint and tag in
Now back to our reg. scheduled programming:
WARM UP: 2 min KB alt cnj. The kbs cannot touch the ground, rest position is the front rack.
15-12-9-6-3 Back Squat Gamble rule
-the doll