June.  We are taking it to the bare bones this month. The coaches are going to hone in on details like never before. We are going to talk form. We are going to talk diet. Then, we are going to talk about it some more, and again, and again. Believe me when I say that from the coaching side, it is much easier to be the cheerleader then to be the detail critic. We will do our best to give it all this month. Remember that the goal this month is to land some serious skills and drills. If you're new, now is a great time to be at the box. If you are a veteran, now is that time that we search to pick apart that one or two things that has evaded us. I will try to shed light on some different things this month that any CrossFit athlete would love to know. The "why", or the how. I will try to make these things not opionated, yet instead, from the perspective of the CrossFit prescription.

American Kettlebell Swing

3 min on/ 1 min off
max KB Swings
when you rest the KB in any position, 
15 air Squats
after min breaks, pick up exactly where you left off

Post WOD: Group Mobility

Insist foundational pieces are rock-solid
— Greg Glassman, CrossFit CEO

-the doll